Community Speed Watch

As a result of growing concerns from residents regarding speeding in Great Burstead and South Green, the Village Council will be funding and encouraging residents to join the Community Speed Watch Scheme. 

If you are interested in joining the Speed Watch scheme please contact the Clerk Mel Linwood on 01268 712866 or email

What is Community Speed Watch?

Community Speed Watch is a traffic monitoring scheme that is co-ordinated by the police but managed and run by volunteers in the community. 

What is the aim of Community Speed Watch?

The aim of Community Speed Watch is to address the problem of either real or perceived speeding. This is done in partnership with the community in order to reduce the number of injuries from road traffic collisions.

What are the benefits?

  • The chance to increase road safety
  • Fewer fatalities and serious injury collisions
  • Raise awareness of anti-social road use
  • Increase Essex Police links with the wider community.

Offending vehicles:

  • Offending vehicles details are to be recorded on a timed, dated and signed speed watch daily activity
  • sheet.
  • Letters will then be sent to offenders by Essex Police:
    First – Warning letter
    Second – Stronger letter plus further checks will be undertaken on the PNC to check for non – insured vehicles.
  • Specific enforcement activity may be taken if identified via specific repeat offenders.

Volunteer requirements:

  • No minimum or maximum commitment to Speed Watch
  • Volunteers to be 18 years of age, no upper age limit
  • Monitoring must take place during day light areas
  • Speed watch can only take place in risk assessed approved areas
  • Training is supplied free of charge by Essex Police staff